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What is the maximum amount you can deposit in a bank account without getting flagged?

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dannyboiau asked:

(For Australian banks)
I earn legitimate online income but have to transfer funds from my online account into my personal savings bank account. I usually transfer less than AU 1k in one weekly transaction, as i’m afraid anymore might get attention.. but wondering if anyone knows what the maximum amount i could deposit without getting flagged. Not that i have anything to hide but don’t want to be scrutinised.. i heard it was somewhere between 5-10k a week and they add all deposit transacitons made during one week. Does anyone know?

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4 Responses to “What is the maximum amount you can deposit in a bank account without getting flagged?”

  1. PlayaAdam says:

    I believe it to be about 10,000 so I would keep it down to 8,000 at a time.

  2. robert h says:

    The amount is not as important as patterns as you have a regular history of paying in cash then a bit more should be ok.
    If you all of a sudden you pay in a lot of cash it will look a bit strange you could consider laundering it through a casino or wholesaler or ebay or car sales if you wish to hide a bit from the tax man.

  3. geistswoman says:

    I’m not from Australia so I can’t be sure I’m answering this correctly…. Here in the states the amount is $10,000 cash. Go one penny over this amount and a report must be filed (currency transaction report). If you deposit checks or have the money wired in or direct deposited there is no form. It is for CASH only, going in or out of the bank. Here the FBI is only concerned with cash and this is to prevent money laundering. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about, the form is no big deal.

    Also, by intentionally depositing just under the amount to avoid the report is called structuring and is also illegal. This could cause a bank to file another report known as a suspicious activity report. If a bank representative tells you how to structure your deposits to avoid the form, that person is just as guilty.

    One other thing….this $10,000 rule is on a given day, not per week. Some businesses that are cash intensive (ie restaurants) may have an exemption. In this case the gov’t. sets their limit and they may be able to go above the 10K. So, you may be able to contact your bank and see if you qualify for this exemption. Again, this all applies in the US. Sorry if it doesn’t help you.

  4. nittygritty says:

    i used to work at a bank. it doesnt matter the amount they can report you if you or your account transactions look suspicious…if your not doing anything illlegal then you have nothing to worry about. even if they have to investigate they wont find anything and move on…

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