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How do I put money on my paypal account without a bank account or credit card?

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PeaceOutCyclist asked:

I need to put some money on my paypal account. I’m 16 years old so, at the moment, I don’t have a bank account or credit card. Is there a way to put money on my paypal like via a prepaid card or something?

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3 Responses to “How do I put money on my paypal account without a bank account or credit card?”

  1. joshneilly says:

    depending on your location yes you can get prepaid mastercards in a lot of mainly convenience stores and generaly shops in the uk imnot sure about USA but i wouldnt be suprised if its the same. all you have to do is pay the person at the counter then pay via the pre paid debit\credit card online. you can get a debit card if your under 18 from a lot of banks. usually solo and maestro would be the debit cards given out to under 18 years olds.

    also you could sell somthing on ebay and get it loaded into your account. its funny to think of it but i dont think ive ever paid money into paypal it all comes from my ebay lol

  2. SAP56 says:

    you can have friend send you some money. i recently had the same trouble. and that is the only way. sorry.

    and btw, dont bother getting a pepaid card. i searched a bunch of stores, and although you CAN buy things online witha prepaid card, you CANNOT use it for paypal. and the only reason for this is that paypal needs to have a credit card that has your address put into it so paypal knows where to send the bill if you buy something that you dont have enough money in your paypal to afford.

    like if you have $0.00 dollars in ur paypal (like u said u do) and try to buy something, paypal will charge your credit card. and it cant do that unless its a real credit card.

  3. At the age of 16, you legally are not allowed to have a PayPal account and are breaking their TOS.

    If they find out you broke their rules, expect any money you figure out how to get on your PP account to be frozen and seized.

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