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What would I need to bring with me to get a bank account at Bank of America?

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Lena asked:

I hate the bank I have now. I opened my current bank account with my mother and she handled all the personal information then.

I know I can get an account online but I would much rather open the account in person so I can ask someone my questions and get a real response.

I’d like to know what I have to bring to get a savings and/or a checking account. I don’t want to have to make two trips to the bank.

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4 Responses to “What would I need to bring with me to get a bank account at Bank of America?”

  1. dadcat00759 says:

    You will need a picture ID,Social security number and what ever money you plan on opening the account with.

  2. turingschild says:

    I’m guessing you’ll need 2 forms of ID and about $300.

  3. beccagirl06 says:

    You will need basic info about yourself, B-day, SSN, Gov’t ID (military ID, or driver’s license, etc). Some banks require you to make a deposit when you open an account, so take some $ with you, either a paycheck, or money from your other account. And if you have moved recently and don’t have the updated address on the ID you may have to have proof of residence (like bills in your name to your current address).

    If in doubt, just take everything you would need to get a driver’s license and you should be fine.

  4. Rocky says:

    First, you must be at least 18 years old and take with you…

    Two forms of ID, a drivers license and a second form (ie credit card). Know your social security number. Also, take $25 to open the checking account and sign up for keep the change with a free savings account. Also ask if there is any reward for opening account…$25!

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