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How can I cash my cheque without a bank account?

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Bernie K asked:

I have some pay cheques from work but I don’t have a bank account. What’s the best way to cash them? I’ve asked loads of places and no one will let me sign the cheques over to someone else. It’s for $500 so I don’t think it’ll be ok if it goes through the ATM in someone else’s account. Can anyone suggest something? Thanks!

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12 Responses to “How can I cash my cheque without a bank account?”

  1. Jim B says:

    Set up a bank account…

  2. MrJM says:

    Go to a Currency Exchange. They will cash your check for a small fee.

  3. D Weed says:

    Currency Exchange for now. But for the future you can have your paycheck direct deposited into a debit card account where the funds would be immediately available. If you search this on line you will find paycheck debit cards.

  4. Foamy says:

    Walmart, if your under 18 you will need a guirdian.

  5. You shouldn’t sign them over to someone else. Your probably gonna have to call up some banks in your area and ask them if they cash checks without a bank account. The best thing is to find a check-cashing place, shopping centers usually have them (at least in my area they do). But you’ll need 2 forms of I.D.

  6. Todd B says:

    Try Kroger or Walmart.

  7. tjfinvestor says:

    Sign your check over to a friend that has a bank account and have them get the cash for you. I am alway curious why a person doesn’t have a bank account. Can you explain that to me? You can get one for free. There are banks that have no minimums and no fees so unless you shouldn’t be in this country why wouldn’t you have a bank account?

  8. debijs says:

    ~In our area (California) most all the grocery stores will cash payroll checks as long as you have a picture I.D.~~

  9. Think of it this way, your friend decides to do you a favor and help you cash your check. You sign it over to him, and he gets the cash for it. Later on the check gets returned for some reason. Your friend who did you a favor is going to get that money taken from their account plus a service fee. Your friend will get mad at you and you will no longer have a friend. That is why we don’t let people be banks for their friends, my friend. There should be absolutely no reason you don’t have a bank account of your own. Most banks have free checking.

    You can take your check to Wal-Mart and cash it with VALID ID. By valid I mean not expired, clipped, taped up or broke in half from being in your pocket. They only charge up to $3 to cash checks up to $1500.

  10. Take them to the bank they were drawn on.

  11. sasil85 says:

    Generally big stores will do it with ID etc. (Walmart)

    Otherwise just go to the bank the check is drawn off of. If it is Chase go to Chase and cash it.

  12. You can cash your cheque in currency exchange. Wall mart is also an option.

    I am not sure why you dont want to open a bank account. It is pretty easy and straight forward stuff.

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