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What kind of bank account do I need to sign up for paypal?

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Dexter asked:

Can I use my existing VISA bank account or visa debit card in registering an account in paypal? Or do I really need to have a credit card account for me to qualify for paypal account.

If you started to sign up for paypal, Is a Personal Account limited only for buying transactions or it is also capable receiving payments from other people or possible business transactions.

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2 Responses to “What kind of bank account do I need to sign up for paypal?”

  1. mister ed says:

    yes any checking account will work!!!

  2. imisidro says:

    For withdrawing money, you need to give Paypal your checking account. Paypal will not send your money to a debit or credit card, only to a bank account

    For paying for purchases, it all depends on how you want to pay. If you want Paypal to get the money from your bank account, then putting in your bank account will suffice. If you want to pay by credit card then you need to put in your credit card info

    Personal account is more for buying, and very very limited in terms of amount you can receive as payments for other people. In fact, with a personal account, you can only accept payments from other PayPal accounts, and you can accept credit or debit card payments on a very limited basis. They even have a limit in terms of withdrawing money

    If you will be selling, use a premier or business account

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