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What do I do about my bank account and investments while I backpack around the world ?

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BarCo asked:

I am planning to quit my job, sell all my belongings, end the lease on my apertment, take my savings and travel around for a year. I need to maintain cirtain things while I am on the road like a bank account and my investments, I can do all the administrative stuff online but I think they want me to have an address. Where do I have mail go for a whole year and what about taxes on investments ?

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6 Responses to “What do I do about my bank account and investments while I backpack around the world ?”

  1. Big B says:

    Just burn and sell everything, the chances of you coming back alive are slim.

  2. you do not need to do anything,
    also in this day and age, you can
    check balances and a lot of things from anywhere in the globe.
    If you need an address? what about a post office box,
    or some of your friends’s addresses?

  3. Cary 1971 says:

    Talk to a VERY responsible family member. One that doesn’t plan on moving soon and offer to pay them a fee to assist you while you’re out of town. If their responsible, they’ll probably do it for free.

    Or, hire a bookkeeper… they generally work for $13-$16/hour and you can have your mail go there. There’s always a local bookkeeper (or two) in every town or city or ask a local CPA.

    Last resort, pay mailboxes etc, or the UPS Store to hold your mail for a year!!

    Good luck!

  4. Joey K says:

    What is an apirtment and cirtain? I am surprised you have any belongings, but I think backpacking anywhere but in the U.S. would be good, because very few people here would think you speak English.

  5. macmenow2000 says:

    You can hook everything into Internet, then check in Cyber Cafe’s and hotel computers when you get near civilization. AS far as mail, I would simply contact the Post office directly and ask for their suggestions.

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