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How do I close my bank account with checks outstanding?

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TONYA asked:

I have had the same bank account for 10 years so I am not sure how this works. Do I have to wait for all checks to clear before I close my account and withdraw all my money? Or can I leave enough there to cover the checks but still close the account and withrdaw the rest? Whats the safest and easiest way?

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2 Responses to “How do I close my bank account with checks outstanding?”

  1. Jeanbug says:

    You can not close your account until all the outstanding checks have cleared. Typically, when you are in the process of closing an account, you leave enough money in the acct to cover the outstanding checks and any bank fees. Once the last check has come through, then the acct can be closed.

  2. David says:

    Tonya, I think you can call the bank & have them put your checking account on hold.Like Jean said, you will need to keep enough funds in your account to cover existing checks & when they come through close your account.Also, I would advise calling your bank, and ask them the same question as some banks have different requirements, they are normally helpful if you can reach a real human.

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