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I filed for bankruptcy and do not have my bank account print outs?

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anneliesern asked:

When I filed for bankruptcy back in march, I closed my account at my bank and started a new account at a different bank. Now the bankruptcy court wants my statements from my old bank and I do not have them. I go for my hearing in the A.M. Do I bring my account statements from my new bank (after I filed) or can I bring old bills proving that I tried to pay my creditors? What do I do and why do they want my statements?

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3 Responses to “I filed for bankruptcy and do not have my bank account print outs?”

  1. S P says:

    You can get a print out from your old bank of the statements they are requesting. They want to see all your bank accounts to review what kind of money you had them, versus your debts, etc….They need to see the statements, PRIOR to your filing. Usually six months before you file.

  2. kevin c says:

    If your in australia I can help out I had to do it my self a couple of years back and deal with them a bit

  3. The court wants to see at the time that you filed how much money did you have in your name. Why are you waiting to the last minute to realize that you do not have your old bank statement.

    Take all of the papers that you have available. Call your old bank 800 number today and ask them for help.

    Mostly the court will put off your filing until you have all of the information that is necessary. They can summons your old bank records if necessary. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT YOU HAD IN THE ACCOUNT.

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