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How do I unfreeze my bank account after the debt has been paid?

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scalizithaproblem asked:

I recently had my bank account frozen for past due collection and I paid the creditors the full amount due. My bank account is still frozen over a week later, how do I go about getting it unfrozen?

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3 Responses to “How do I unfreeze my bank account after the debt has been paid?”

  1. aj says:

    you usually have to go in yourself and someone there will get it taken care of. :]

  2. Ron S says:

    Take the proof that it was paid over to the Courthouse/Bank… they will settle this up for you and give you the info to give to your bank to release your funds.

    Collection Agencies could care less if your account is still frozen. Do not rely on them for help. They are legally however, suppose to contact the courts and bank for a release seeing you paid. But they don’t care and most won’t do it unless you contact them.

    The bank will not unfreeze your account without proper proof of payment to the agency.

    I hope that they got a judgment against you before freezing your bank account. That is the ONLY legal way a collection company can freeze your account with a judgment. Or you can Sue them back.

    Call your Courthouse immediately and tell them that you paid off this company and need your account unfrozen. The courts will help you. Also contact your bank and ask them what documents they will need in order to unfreeze your account.

    Collection Agencies are nasty scum bags.

  3. sasil85 says:

    So wait who did you pay? If you were paying the bank back a negative balance then you want to go speak to somewhere there. If you just brought it to zero then odds are they closed it there.

    Now if you were paying a collection agency then your account was closed ages ago.

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