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If my bank account was created in one town, can I do business in the same bank in a different town?

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Jo asked:

I have a checking account in the bank in my town, but need to pay an overdrawn fee (yes I know how foolish of me.) asap. I work in the city, there is a bank out there (same company bank) can I take care of and pay my fee there? Or no?

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7 Responses to “If my bank account was created in one town, can I do business in the same bank in a different town?”

  1. John W says:

    if you live in NY can you buy Pizza Hut in FL ???

  2. bosscain says:

    yes, if its the same bank company, all the branches of a banking company will be able to help you since they are all interconnected

  3. jgentis says:

    Yes Just give them your acct# and your good to go. They probably have overdraft protection. I would look in to that while I was there

  4. Angel says:


  5. Not sure I see the problem here. Let’s say you signed up for an account with Suntrust Bank in Washington, DC and then you out of town to Raleigh, NC and you find a branch of Suntrust there. All the Suntrust branches are owned by the same entity. Of course, you can use any Suntrust branch to manage your Suntrust account. That’s like saying you got a gift certificate from McDonald’s in one town and you are wondering if you can use that gift certificate at a McDonald’s in another town. Think about that for a second…

  6. blossom says:

    yes you can as long as your going to the same company then that will be totally fine they may ask (not deffinately but possibility) what branch you joined with.
    hope i helped

  7. yogi says:

    For most transactions you can go to any branch of your bank. That’s why banks advertise having many branches for your convenience. Since you are paying an overdrawn fee, you are just lodging money into your account.

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