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How do you set up a bank account and deposit the checks?

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BuffaloBill1989 asked:

What do you do once you go to your local bank to get a bank account and to deposit your first checks in? What are the requirements? What do you need in order to get your bank account? What are the rules? How do you get payed by the time you take the first few days of your assignment? Tell me what you know!

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One Response to “How do you set up a bank account and deposit the checks?”

  1. David says:

    In Australia all you would need to open an account is ID so preferably a passport / licence or other official photo ID. Along with another form of ID – medicare card, healthcare card, student card – just something official! Once you work out what account you want you will be able to deposit any cheques you have straight away, then again in Australia it is 3 working days before a cheque clears, so if you deposit it on a monday it will be ready for use by Thursday. In terms of rules, there are many but if the cheque is made out in your name, there will be no problem. If you are regularly receiving cheques from your employer, speak to your bank about letting them know and after a few of the same cheques you may be able to get them deposited as clear funds (no 3 day wait) so you can use them straight away.

    Hope that helps!

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