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How can i get a bank account in gambia?

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Princess asked:

Hi i live in the uk and i am wanting to get a bank account in gambia, but don’t know how to go about it, i want to do it now before i go back to gambia in two months, i am planning on living there one day with my boyfriend.

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4 Responses to “How can i get a bank account in gambia?”

  1. weezyb says:

    do they have bank accounts ? seriously do you really think your money would be safe? i’ve heard of offshore accounts but that sounds rediculous. keep it in a jar under your bed for now

  2. Eurotrip Don says:

    [satire alert]

    My guy, I tell you must be very carefull with thise thing. There are manny crook an tiev in these place. My uncle is retired Barister Prince Joe Eboh and have manny connection for serios business men like ourself. Because of sensitive natures of this transacations, please only contacts through email We use only highest confidennces transation through Western Union only. I look forward to help you with set up bank account in bank of Lagos, cappital of Gambia. God bless you.

  3. Nigel C says:

    You do not want a bank account in The Gambia! The only people that want one are being scammed by Nigerian con men! Like one of the responses to your question – Bank in Lagos (Nigeria!). I have several friends in Gambia and they take as much money offshore as possible. If you REALLY are going to move there, you can open an account when you get residency.

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