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Is it possible and legal to have more than one bank account?

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Ketsurui asked:

I am moving across country. I currently have a bank account but the bank I have an account at does not have any banks where I am planning to move. I would like to keep this bank account. So I was wondering if it is possible and legal to have a bank account at more than one bank if they are located in different states? Anyone have any idea? Thank you.

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6 Responses to “Is it possible and legal to have more than one bank account?”

  1. Rick B says:

    Of course. You can have as many bank accounts as you want.

  2. Yes , you could even have accounts in other countries if you wanted too. Just wondering what makes you think this could possibly be illegal.

  3. Othniel says:

    Yes, you can have multiple bank accounts if you have enough money to keep them active. You may consider that some banks charge monthly fees for accounts with a low balance. Once you move you may well establish an account with a bank where you live and want to close the other account.

    There is no problem with more than one account.

  4. Tameaka S says:

    Yeah it was illegal u would not be able to transfer fun from one bank to another even if its a bank out of the country its ok to have more than one bank account

  5. no, it is possible. my father has an account with citi bank, but when we moved to connecticut and later on to pennsylvania, there were none in our town so he opened up one at bank of america. my mother had the same problem with chase when we moved, so she opened one with citizens bank. they each have open accounts in two different banks in three different states, so it should not be a problem for you.


  6. kapn says:

    Sure….you can have as many as you want to keep track of

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