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How do I stop a family member from gaining access to my bank account?

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Jenny asked:

I have a dual bank account with my mother. She joined me to her account when I was under 18. She can manage my bank account, but I can’t manage hers. I am now over 18, in college, and wish to manage my bank account by myself. How do I separate our accounts?

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6 Responses to “How do I stop a family member from gaining access to my bank account?”

  1. v b says:

    Open a new account.
    Write a check to transfer the money from the old account to the new.
    Don’t give your mother the account number or password for online/atm access.

  2. rtfm says:

    Start your own separate account. (Preferably in another bank). Start using the new account for all your transactions and don’t leave any of your money in the joint account.

  3. Jay L says:

    Open a nes account. As long as both of you have signature authority, she can access your account.

    Here is an idea, talk to your mom and tell her how you r feel.

  4. bud68 says:

    Open a new account by yourself.

  5. Minniemousie says:

    You can go to your bank and speak with one of the people on the platform. They will guide you through the mechanics of making the change.

    It may be that the best way is to open a new account. Write a check to “cash,” from your old account, in the amount of your share of the money in the account. Then on the back of the check, sign with “deposit only to a/c #… and the number of the new account. then deposit that check to the new account. The bank officer will then close the old account. He/she will do this all while you are there.

    Now there are two problems,
    1: Are you independent? Do you work? Is your mother the source of the money in the account? Does any of the money belong to her? Will she still be the one pumping the money into the account? Or are you wanting to change because she is taking money which you have put in the account?

    2. No amount of money in world is worth falling out with your mother, so make sure you two have an understanding about this. Talk with her and let her know that you are doing it so that you will be able to feel independent and able to establish your own credit etc. But, Make sure your mom and you are in agreement about this. She has guided you well thus far, don’t thank her by making her mad at you!

    When my daughter was in college, she and her father controlled her checking account and her credit card, while she was learning how to manage them without getting herself into any problems. She was glad for his help and at the appropriate time (At the end of her Senior Year) they did just what I have told you, to make the change.

    I wish you well!

  6. Goonhilda says:

    Start a new bank account, and transfer the funds from your existing shared account into your own account. Do not give your mother the account details. You can also go in and make it so that you must show ID when accessing the account over the counter. That way, only you can access the account with your card and pin, or over the counter.

    At your age, you are entitled to your own bank account. If your mother is possessive and controlling, then just opening a new account like this will be easier than trying to have her removed from your account. Some parents are like that.

    Best wishes

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