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What bank account should a 16 year old get so they can order off ebay?

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Shade asked:

I turn 16 next month and have been interested in ordering from sites such as ebay for a long time. What bank account do I need to get so I can order off ebay?

Links greatly appreciated

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6 Responses to “What bank account should a 16 year old get so they can order off ebay?”

  1. Katie says:

    just get a checking account with a debit card and your good

  2. bljzzgrl says:

    1. Being 16 you will have to have an account with your parents as a “signer” on the account.

    2. Open a checking account and then set up a Paypal account for all your transactions on Ebay. It is another “security” option to have when ordering on-line.

  3. JASON L says:

    you could get a savings and then hook it up to paypal and you could use paypal for any online website, because i think you are too young to have a checkings account unless you put it in your mom or dads name and you just use it. and if you just do that just cantact me and ill give you the information to make a paypal. plus you can get a debit card in your name from it, and most people prefer payments from paypal then personal payments.

  4. Dee S says:

    You have to be 18 to order from eBay. However, you can get around it. It doesn’t matter what type of account you have, so long as you can put in and with draw money on your own. I have a solo card account. Then you need to make a Paypal account: , you need to enter your bank details, etc into paypal and you will get a password. Then you need to make an eBay account, but make sure you make your age 18 or over, otherwise they won’t allow you to make an account.

    Then when you buy something, but make sure the seller takes paypal before you buy it(which all of them do anyway, but just make sure, it should say in the description of the item). Then all you need to do is click the button that says “pay by paypal”, and then enter your password. There isn’t a restriction on how old you have to be to use paypal, and it’s so much more secure, not only for ebay, but also other online stores. Ebay won’t know you’re 16 because they can’t access your paypal account.

    Then they send you your item and you’ve got youreself a bargain.

    Hope this helps. If you really don’t want to do the while paypal thing, the other option is to set up a different account with your bank, just tell them that you want a different account so that you can be more secure when shopping online. (You will still have your old account & your new account will only be used with paypal). Register your new account on paypal, and when you buy something on eBay, go put the money in your account that you need to pay for the item, and then go back home and enter your paypal password and it will charge your new account. A lot of people prefer doing it this way because it makes them feel a lot more secure that should something go wrong, not all their savings are in the one account.

    Hope this helps, happy bidding and good luck.

  5. It must be a cheque account as savings /deposit accounts cannot accept direct debits. you will also not have a guarantee card but an electron card as you canot get credit until they turn 18.

    you can still register an account with eBay if its an electron card.

    however eBay require the buyer to be over 18 so that they are legally liable for their purchases so that stops this being an issue until you turn 18.
    (and YES the do check this during registration)

  6. PG says:


    Happy 16 years to you!

    18 is the legal age for ebay users. And no, you can’t ‘get around it’. Yes, practically you will be able to. But once caught, you will forever loose the rights to shop on ebay. Not to mention other legal nightmares. It not worth it.

    You could still open a bank account and build your history.

    I would say that if you opened a checking account that provides you with a ‘debit card’ AKA ‘ATM card’, you can use the debit card as your credit card also. I do. BUT, as you might already know, it is not a credit card – just “plastic checks”

    Online Banking:
    You had asked for links. I’m guessing that means you are asking for a bank that you can open an account with online. HSBC bank is whom I have had good experience with. I don’t have checking with them. But from the link I have provided, you can see that their ‘Free Checking’ and ‘Student checking’ are truly ‘free’.

    HSBC checking accounts:

    HSBC free checking account:

    HSBC student checking account:

    Call customer service ( and ask them what your options are. They will even help you open the account for you over the phone.

    Local Banks:
    If you are not comfortable sending your money to some place you can’t see, then, many local bank will be a good option too.

    Make sure your bank doesn’t charge you for providing you with a debit card or withdrawing money or monthly service charges. Ask them all this before you open an account with them.

    All the best.

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