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How does a person find a lost bank account?

bank account
dngrzdmn asked:

The person is very ill and wanted to leave monies to their heirs. Problem is, they don’t recall which banks they dealt with and are not sure where their passbooks are.

Do you walk into a bank with the proper papers (like a lawyer or executor of the will) and day “Did the Late John Doe have a bank account here?”
The state is California.

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3 Responses to “How does a person find a lost bank account?”

  1. Worldly25 says:

    With power of Attorney or as executor you can write to the banks and ask

  2. Andrea says:

    The first place I would check is their tax records. If they have any interest-bearing accounts earning over $10 interest per year, it will be reported to the IRS and the taxpayer so the names of the banks will be on those forms.

    If the person is still alive, you would need a power of attorney to act on their behalf to allow banks to release any information to you. If the person is deceased, you would need to be the executor to get any information.

    Another place you may want to check is the state’s unclaimed property website. If the accounts have laid dormant for a long time, they may have been turned over to the state. Most states have searchable databases online.

    Good luck.

  3. STEVEN F says:

    If the accounts have been dormant (no transactions) for 7 years, they have been turned over to the state. Search the states website for ‘missing money’ to find out what you need to claim the funds.
    It is also possible to mail copies of the documents to the banks and request information on any accounts the person may have.

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