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How to open a bank account in the states what docs do I need?

bank account
melbperson asked:

Hi..I’m moving to California on a one year work and holiday visa..Could you pls tell me how to open a bank account and what are the documents I need ?

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2 Responses to “How to open a bank account in the states what docs do I need?”

  1. knowitall says:

    You just need 2 forms of ID and money.

  2. JustCurious says:

    You need two forms of identification. A primary one such as a Passport, License or State ID (from the United States), or a green card. As the secondary form of identification you can use a credit card, another i.d. from a job, school (university), or club membership. I would recommend you take two primary identifications just to play it safe. They will ask you for a TIN (Tax Identification Number) or SSN (Social Security Number). Some banks may even ask for some utility bills or rent bills but normally the two primary identifications and your TIN/SSN would suffice to open your account. Be careful with banks! I highly recommend you do some kind of research on the institution you are planning on opening your account with. Such as locations, any monthly fees or hidden fees. I currently bank with Charles Schwab, Chase, and Bank of America. I use each account for their respective benefits. The Charles Schwab Investor Checking account offers ATM refunds anywhere in the world and is a free, no minimum balance account that pays you a high level of interest for a checking account (that is where most of my $$ is). My WaMu/Chase account is a no minimum balance/hidden fees account and it offers me free Official Checks/Money Orders and convenient locations around the country (I use this account whenever I am in a Metropolitan area). The only reason I have BOA is because they are everywhere and it is a free account (I barely use this account).

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