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Can I use another bank account, then the original one I used to file my taxes?

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Kia J asked:

I used my sisters bank account when i filed my taxes, so my rebate will into her account, thing is her account is in the negative, and i dont want my money taken, is there anyway i can change accounts.

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5 Responses to “Can I use another bank account, then the original one I used to file my taxes?”

  1. Ms. Angel.. says:


  2. DJ says:

    Nope – whatever direct deposit account was used for your tax refund will be the account used for the rebate.

    Did your refund actually get deposited in her account? Sometimes a bank will reject a direct deposit if the names on the account don’t match. In that case, you will get a check.

  3. You are only supposed to use your own account, an account with your name on it. Now you’re facing the consequences of your poor choice previously. No you can’t change it now.

  4. ebstar80 says:

    Unfortunately it is too late to change your deposit info with the IRS. However, I am also surprised that they deposited it into an account without your name on it. Bottom line is that you better start making payment arrangements from your sister so that she can pay you your money!

  5. SCH says:

    You would have needed to let the government know by April 13th to get your bank account changed….so your money will go into her account and whatever she is negative the bank will take. You will not beable to fight it because they will say you authorized them to take the money by allowing the money to go into the account.

    Sorry, make your sister pay you back when she gets her check.

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