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How can an inmate open a real bank account?

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steve8902000 asked:

Does anyone know of a bank that will allow a bank-by-mail account for a prison inmate? The prison will allow it but banks don’t seem too thrilled. Thanks! Can people in jail have saving accounts?

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3 Responses to “How can an inmate open a real bank account?”

  1. wuxxler says:

    I can’t imagine why a convict would need a bank account, nor can I imagine why a bank would want a convict for a customer. But if the prison doesn’t have a problem with it, try opening a joint account for you and the convict, with both names on the account.

  2. fr_chuck says:

    no, all that I am aware of require you to be there in person to open the account. If you have a bank account before you go in, it would still be active if you keep enough money in it.

    But you would not be allowed to have checks or write money out anyway.

  3. Robin M says:

    I dont think their is any law that says they cant but when my ex husband was in prison his mother opened the acct. and he sent her money to deposit for him. I dont think they should be allowed to when you are in prison you lose your rights to do anything.

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