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How to cash a cheque without holding a bank account?

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flower_82 asked:

My boyfriend has a problem with his wages cheques. Before he changed his job, he was paid on my bank account (different surname) without any problems, because he hasnt got his own bank account. Now his new emplyer requires a bank account on HIS name. They gave him a cheque on HIS name and we dont know how to cash it now.
And there are also difficulties with opening an account for him, cause every utility bill (which banks require) is on MY name.
What shall we do?

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11 Responses to “How to cash a cheque without holding a bank account?”

  1. Here_We_Go says:

    easy. have him acquire one of those prepaid visa or mastercards;prepaid credit cards. try rushcard from they allow direct deposits to be directly loaded onto the cards. to cash pay checks, have him go to a payday loan company. they cash all checks for a fee.

  2. bitoy says:

    he should go to the bank where the check came from. if he has some valid IDs, they would encash it

  3. ladybird says:

    I suggest you ask the employer to issue a cheque with the words ‘please pay cash’ written across the bottom and initialled by the person who signs the cheque. Then you can take it to the bank it is drawn on (the employer’s bank) and they will cash it over the counter for you. You may need to produce ID.

  4. art says:

    Is it a crossed check (for payee’s account only)? If it is, try flower_82′s suggestions. However if it is not crossed, your friend can encash it over the counter at drawee bank if he has valid IDs (I’m sure he has).

  5. Rob K says:

    Why not change one or two of the utility bills over into his name?

  6. realtor101 says:

    You will be charged for it but there are place that cash pay checks….like Money tree, check masters… . I can not recall the other ones but they are “Payday loans” retail stores. Call information or check on yellow pages.

    I hope it helps.


  7. no way u must have a bank a/c urself or u can go back to that bank where u got ur cheque n cash it out.

  8. Get a passport and driving licence and that will be enough to let him open a bank account.

  9. STEVE S says:

    its IN your or his name not ON you moron,its a wonder anyone will employ either of you

  10. charterman says:

    Opening a basic bank account in the UK should be no problem if your boyfriend has a full driving licence/passport and a council tax bill.
    Go into a bank and ask what alternative forms of ID are acceptable. You may have to ring the head office because the moron in the bank knows nothing and cares even less. ( I know, I’ve been there – you ask a question and it is met with a vacant stare – she goes away for 10 minutes, comes back and she has asked the wrong question!).
    If you use a prepaid credit/debit card for your boyfriends wages, they will make a charge of around £4.95 a month handling charge and £2.50 everytime he uses an ATM to get his money out. Expensive eh?.

  11. chooesy says:

    Cashing a check at a service like Money Mart will cost a percentage. Supposedly they take risks so you do pay. However if the check is signed by the payee it should be simple to deposit it in your account but the money may not be available until your bank actually has it–few days or a week. With ID, the bank on which the check was written should cash for the payee if proper ID is shown. And that bank may charge a small fee. I have never heard of a bank requiring utility bills in one’s name! Sounds ridiculous. Would eliminate many people who live with others. Ask, don’t assume. Maybe some do, maybe some are different. Change utility bills to his name if necessary and then change back if you like–inquire about applicable fees first. PS. Noone asking questions is a moron, particularly for use of a preposition that doesn’t suit some inconsiderate person’s fancy.

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