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Discover Card $50 Cashback Bonus

Get $50 Cash Back from Discover!

Discover Card $50 Cashback Bonus

Discover is running a $50 Cashback bonus for signing up for their standard Discover Credit Card. A solid $50 Bonus like this used to be around a lot more before we ran into the bad economy. Discover Card has always been one of the most solid and reliable credit companies around.

Here is the overview on the $50 deal.

Simple as that! As always Discover Card never has an Annual Fee, Superb Customer Service, and Pick Your Own Credit Card Picture!

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One Response to “Discover Card $50 Cashback Bonus”

  1. Amy R says:

    Funny you post this $50 Discover card deal. This month my check some how got lost in the mail.(Seriously! :) ) I have never had a late fee. Discover Card rep answered politely and was even from the United States, Ohio even. Can you believe that? She was super friendly and cared about what I was saying. In the end, she removed my late fee and let me make a payment over the phone with no fees. I do love my discover card :) It also has a money or ape on it.

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