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Can my bank account be garnished if it is a joint account with my fiance?

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legolas32xx asked:

I recently had a judgment from an old credit card bill, and I just heard of garnishing a bank account, so I was wondering since it is a joint account can they garnish it?

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6 Responses to “Can my bank account be garnished if it is a joint account with my fiance?”

  1. SPIFIMAN1 says:

    Yes as long as your name is on the account they can take it.

    They can also garnish your wages (if your State allows it) and file liens on any other property you may own like cars, boats, land and homes.

    I must disagree with the other poster only the I.R.S. can take tax returns or stimulus checks.

  2. surojabu says:

    So long as your name is on it, they can garnish it — they can also garnish tax refunds, the upcoming stimulus check (if they have the garnishment in place that quickly), as well as your paycheck.

  3. Caleb R says:

    my fiancee works at a bank. They can take all of your money and your credit if you are joint on that account. You have to get the other person joined with yuo to straighten it up or do it yourself. You cannot take your name off until the account is in the positive. GOod providence!

  4. LS says:

    They are not going to garnish your bank account. They’ll just keep threating you, your parents, and friends until you pay. Only the government will truly go into your bank account and take their money. Sit back, relax, take the night off…but tomorrow figure out how you are going to pay them back because you are “f-ing” up yourcredit.

  5. DAS says:

    Yes if you name is on the account, so do the other person a favor, either get your name off of that account, or the other person should get their name off and open up another account. This will settle it for sure.

  6. Bill C says:

    It depends on your state’s law. Most states permit attaching a jointly-held back account.

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