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How do I go about opening a bank account?

bank account
nomakeup asked:

I’ve never had enough money before to need a bank account. Now that I earn money, what is the process of banking? Do I open a checking or savings account or both? What bank do you use? suggestions please?

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3 Responses to “How do I go about opening a bank account?”

  1. butchell says:

    go to the bank and talk to the accounts manager, I am sure you will get a better answer than you will get in here

  2. Bond 000 says:

    Follow the following steps: -
    1. Know a Bank which is easily assessible from your house, work place, college etc via a Branch or an ATM.
    2. Get yourself photographed, carry two photos to the banks along with a proof of your resident and if a gud sum of money to deposit initially.
    3. Ask for the Account opening form at the Bank.
    4. Fill the form.
    5. ask for the assistence from the Operator or the customer care officer.
    5. Get the form checked.
    6. If any problem refer point no. 5 again.
    7. Get the Account number and collect the cheque book as well.
    8. Also fill the ATM / Debit card form to meet your urgent needs for withdrawls.
    9. Send a thanks note to me when through.

  3. Maken trax says:

    Also local banks now are on line and this helps being able to track your account. Check out intrest rates that you earn on the account.

    You also need to think about places to INVEST your money:
    You don’t have to do this but please snoop around the web sites and get an idea of how they tick as the worst thing you could do is have your money earning low interest and easy to get ahold of spend it on a toy that will bring short gratification rather then giving it time too grow to its potential for something important like furthering your education etc.

    Like e-trade where you could be buying stock once a month into a favorite product that you like.

    Also: Treasury bills or Saving bonds but those are low interest places but they prevent sudden urges to raid your account for the latest fashion as they are certificates and usually can’t cash them for 6-months or 1-year with out penalties etc…

    Another spot could be where you could put your $ into a pool account and buy silver, gold, platnum etc. during the drops and let it ride up and sell out.

    My point is there is more then one place (BANKS) to put your money and the younger you learn the quicker you $ can grow as you have TIME on your side. Most those other accounts take less then $50 to start and you would learn a tremendous amount of how the world of $ works. If you lost your money…which would be doubtfull in any one of those at least you would learn how to make it work and your rate of growth could be many times over the 5% at the bank or what ever they pay now.

    Good luck.

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