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Getting a bank account started while on a working holiday visa in Ireland?

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C Train asked:

I am travelling to Ireland on a working holiday visa, and will need a bank account for work ect, what documents will be need?
I am planning on living in a share house so my names wont be on the bills. I have drivers licence, bills from home, and a passport, will that be enough?

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3 Responses to “Getting a bank account started while on a working holiday visa in Ireland?”

  1. leef says:

    Our banks are exceedingly, disgustingly correct there. Your best bet is to get a written statement from the recipient of the utility bills that you live at the address given.

  2. Sher in the days of Martin Cahill and the Penguin you just turned up and opened an account. Now you have to jump through hoops backwards so you can give those bwankers your business.
    It’s a terrible state of affairs altogether…….

  3. As leef said, the banks are very strict.

    You generally need 2 forms of photo ID (passport and drivers licence or student ID are fine) and two documents that show proof of address. The utility bill is the usual one; as this won’t be an option, they will accept the letter you receive from social services when they issue you your PPS number (Social Security) and a contract from your employer which includes your Irish address. Bring along the documentation from home and your visa too in case you encounter any pedants.

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