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How do I verify my paypal account without a bank account or a credit/debit card?

March 6th, 2011
Watanuki asked:  

I was wondering if you can verify your paypal account without a bank account or a credit/debit card. I heard that you can go get a prepaid VISA card and verify it with that, but I am not sure.

How do you transfer money from your bank account to your Paypal account?

March 2nd, 2011
bank account
chris2stupid2001 asked:

I am trying to use eBay with my bank account. How do I get money from my bank account to my paypal account? My bank account and Paypal is already tied and confirmed, but how do I get money from my bank to my Paypal?

Is it possible for me to open a bank account at a Romanian bank?

February 23rd, 2011
bank account
alexios_hellas asked:

I’m an American citizen living in the United States; however, I do a lot of traveling to and business in Romania, so, for me, it would be a lot easier to deal with a local bank there. Is there any way that I could open a bank account in Romania? I do know that it is possible for a foreigner to open a bank account in the Republic of Moldova, but I’m wondering if it would also be possible in Romania, especially since they just joined the European Union. Does anyone know where I could read about the process, requirements, or can anyone offer any informative websites?

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Can I use another bank account, then the original one I used to file my taxes?

February 7th, 2011
bank account
Kia J asked:

I used my sisters bank account when i filed my taxes, so my rebate will into her account, thing is her account is in the negative, and i dont want my money taken, is there anyway i can change accounts.

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How do I transfer a credit card refund to my bank account?

February 3rd, 2011
James asked:

Hi, my bank account and credit card are both from the same bank and I have just got a credit card refund. How do I go about transferring this refund to my bank account?

What features should I look for in a bank account?

February 2nd, 2011

Choosing a bank account can be more difficult than a lot of people realize. Some people may think that all bank accounts are more or less the same – but in fact, different bank accounts can offer very different advantages.

There are a few things to think about. First of all, what kind of account do you want? A regular current account, perhaps, or a bad credit bank account? There’s also a ‘managed’ account, in which the account provider takes care of budgeting for you. An example of a managed bank service account can be found here.

Interest rate
A lot of current accounts offer little or no interest on your balance at the moment due to the low base rate, but some still do pay a reasonable rate. If you regularly receive money into your account (e.g. your salary), it could be worth finding an account that will offer something back on your balance.

But you will have to ‘balance’ this against the other benefits on offer – you might find that you’re better off with an account that doesn’t pay interest if the other benefits are good enough.

Overdraft facility
Even if you’re the kind of person who avoids debt like the plague, many people would argue it’s important to have access to some kind of credit for emergencies. Most bank account providers offer some kind of overdraft facility, and it’s worth comparing what the different accounts have to offer.

Ideally, you’ll want to find an overdraft with the lowest possible interest rate, but you’ll also have to consider the overdraft limit (an account with a £1,000 overdraft limit provides more protection than one with a £500 limit – but if you’d prefer to avoid temptation, you might prefer the lower limit after all).

An overdraft may not be necessary if you have a lot of money in savings or if you have a suitable credit card that you’d rather use, but it could still be useful to have.

Additional benefits
Increasingly, many banks are starting to offer ‘extras’ to entice customers. This might include things like free insurance, roadside recovery or access to better deals on the account provider’s other products, such as loans or mortgages.

Sometimes, the value of these extras can exceed what you would get back from an interest-paying account, so it’s well worth thinking about.

As a current Clydesdale bank account holder, what bank should i open an account with for argentina?

September 13th, 2010
bank account
JHVoodooSS asked:

i am moving to Argentina from the uk. what bank should i open an account with so that i can minimise bank charges when withdrawing money in Argentina?
i currently have a clydesdale bank account.

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If you delete a paypal account can you use the bank account from the deleted account?

September 13th, 2010
bank account
Cynthia Lemon asked:

If you delete a paypal account can you use the bank account from the deleted account? I’m scared of linking my bank account to my palpal account because they keep track of my bank account. But adding my debit card they won’t let me send over $0 to anyone being unverified. To verify you have to add your bank account.

How can an inmate open a real bank account?

September 13th, 2010
bank account
steve8902000 asked:

Does anyone know of a bank that will allow a bank-by-mail account for a prison inmate? The prison will allow it but banks don’t seem too thrilled. Thanks! Can people in jail have saving accounts?

What do you do when your bank account has been frozen by a collector?

September 8th, 2010
qurious_q asked:

My friends credit card was declined during dinner and she called the bank and they told her a lawyer in another state froze her account. The bank does not know who the creditor is, only the lawyer.

It has been a week and the lawyer has not returned any calls and his the phone number provided is a cell phone. We are talking over $5k frozen. She swears she owes no one, has perfect credit, just received a recent copy of her credit report and everything.
Could it be possible identity theft? I’ve done searches trying to find this lawyer, a address or something and cannot find anything, the bank cannot either. Help me, help my friend.

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